How it works


Need a price? Go to our contact page, enter your details and select submit. We have a dedicated team in place ready to respond.


You've received your quote and you're ready to order. There are two ways to start:

  • If you already know how many items you will need, as well as the sizes, styles and colors, we require a 50% deposit to begin work.

  • If you don't know how many items you will need, or if you'd like to see your artwork mocked up before you are ready to place your order, we require a non-refundable $30 art deposit. The cool thing is that this will be credited toward your invoice once you place your order.


Send us your art file in VECTOR/PDF format, OR give us the details and we will do the creating. Either way, our graphic team mocks up your design and emails it to you approximately (5) days after we've received your deposit. We never proceed with an order until it's approved. Approving an order means you are approving your artwork, as well as the garment style, color, size and placement.


Print & Stitch Co. orders blank garments that you order (if applicable).


Once artwork is approved for screen printing, we out-put film, make screens, setup and print. For embroidery, we load the file, thread the needles, hoop the garments, and go. Vinyl is uploaded, cut and weeded before we heat transfer it to the garment.  If everything looks good, we print your garments, which are then cured with a combination of heat, pressure and time.

If ordering decals vinyl is uploaded, cut and weeded (& masked if applicable) then cut accordingly. 


We take quality control seriously at Print & Stitch Co., and our staff always makes sure your garments look the best possible!


As soon as the order is complete, we give you a call/email to let you know your order is ready. If you can't make it here or have arranged for shipping, we ship via UPS or USPS. Shipping is not included with your order. But you can let us know if it's something that you need and will get you pricing with your quote.


Need to order more? Can do! However, keep in mind that pricing is based on quantity, so your price may go up or down depending on how many you need. Please call a member of our customer service team for details.